Friday, 13 November 2015

The Story of the Christmas Cracker - A Brief History

Invented by Thomas Smith in the mid-1800s, the Christmas cracker has become an integral part of British tradition and celebration which still continues today.

London confectioner Tom Smith fell in love with Parisian bon-bons, sold in their small twist of paper, and decided to bring the idea back to London. Tom soon realised that his bon-bons were selling mostly at Christmas and his idea began to develop. First he added a small love poem inside the paper twist and then, inspired by the comforting crackle of his fireplace, he introduced that “snap” we all know and love today.

After the trade jumped at Tom’s novelty, he began refining his product further, removing the sweets and adding a surprise gift in it’s place. (Although, probably not a mini screwdriver!)

When an Eastern manufacturer heard of Tom’s design and delivered a large consignment to Britain just in time for Christmas, Tom took his chance. As this company offered just one design, Tom and his staff worked tirelessly to produce a further 8 designs and distributed them throughout the country.

The rest, as they say, is history...

Fast forward to 2015 and you'll find our exclusively designed make-your-own cracker kits! We hope that Tom would be proud to know that we're carrying on the tradition, adding our own special crafty twist.

Friday, 31 July 2015

Crafts for a Baby Shower or a Handmade New Baby Gift

Are you organising a Baby Shower or have you been invited to one? Our cute Baby Shower craft area contains all you need to create beautiful handmade decorations and gifts for the new arrival.

Our range of paper mache rocking horses to decorate includes the Jumbo Paper Mache Rocking Horse; which at 62cm by 48cm is sure to make an impact!

Perhaps you could make some cute polka dot bunting, to decorate baby's room with? A decopatched 'BABY GIRL' or 'BABY BOY' perhaps? Or even a cute memory box?

Shop our Baby Shower Crafts:

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Paper Mache Letters to Decorate - Word Art Crafts

Word art using decorated letters has never been more on trend than it is now. Pinterest and home decor sites are filled with funky words, designed to jazz up your home and events. Our extensive selection of paper mache lettersnumbers and symbols has everything you need to get started on your own project.

How about a hand decorated Mr & Mrs for a newlywed couple? An initial or name to embellish a child's bedroom? A simple 'Eat' or 'Drink' to add some craft to your kitchen? Or even a number to celebrate a birthday or anniversary? We have three sizes of paper mache letters, numbers and symbols for you to choose from.

Monday, 29 June 2015

Flag Crafts for Kids - 4th of July Craft Idea

Our plain paper flags can be adapted to suit any theme or budget. Create pirate flags, sports supporter flags, a country's flag (4th of July is coming up!) or even a pretty decoration for a sandcastle this Summer!

Both felt tip pens and colouring pencils work on these flags making them perfect for a 'mess-free' craft. You could add other supplies to embellish your flags, just remember not to use anything too heavy...

Friday, 26 June 2015

Pinwheel and Windmill Crafts for Kids Summer Holidays

Pinwheels are ideal for kids Summer craft sessions. From quality fabric designs to paper pinwheels that are perfect for craft sessions on a budget.

Our popular flower shaped fabric windmills can be decorated with fabric paints or even felt pens (as long they aren't left in the rain). Our paper windmills are perfect for a beach themed craft session and can be coloured in with crayons, pencils or pens.

You could even accessorise your pinwheels with lightweight jewels such as our Gel Gem Stickers!

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Colourful Board Boxes for Gifts and Crafts

We've got new lower prices across our range of colourful board boxes...

Use them for your gift wrapping, tied with a simple bow. Fill them with tissue paper for use as boxes for your homemade delights. You could even use them as a table centre for birthdays, Christmas and other gatherings too.

We love the star shaped stacking boxes, perfect for a space themed gift or party!

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Leis for Tropical Parties and Summer Events

Summer is on it's way! Brighten up your party with a tropical lei...
Our popular party leis are a brilliant way to add some colour to your event, your guests can even take them home as party favours! A fantastic variety of colours and designs to suit any event.

Perfect accompaniment to sealife partiespirate parties and of course tropical luau parties!

Monday, 15 June 2015

Miniature Terracotta Pots for Summer Wedding Favours

Looking for a funky party favour idea for your Summer wedding or event? Our popular Terracotta Plant Pots are now available in 5 NEW SIZES! Great to use as table favours, simply filled with wrapped sweets or even confetti for that big moment!

Ranging from a micro 1cm tall to our new 14cm tall pot, there's now 12 sizes to choose from:

Friday, 12 June 2015

Robin Tops UK Poll for First National Bird - Bird Crafts

Our cute little friend, the robin, has topped a poll of more than 200,000 people to choose the UK's first national bird. David Lindo who organised the poll (also known as The Urban Birder) has now said he plans to speak to the government to ask for the winner to be officially recognised as Britain's national bird!

Celebrate the robin's new status as our (non-official) national bird with some funky bird themed crafts from 'The Bird Box' adult's craft area. Why not create a bird feeder or bird box to encourage these beautiful creatures into your garden? Or channel nature into your crafts with our new Nature's Gallery papercraft supplies?

(Source: Robin tops poll to find UK's 'national bird'-

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Sunflower Kraft Cracker Making Idea for Summer Weddings & Events

Sunflower crackers are a lovely way to brighten up your Wedding tables this Summer. It's a fun way to give wedding favours, fun table games or even to fill with confetti to shower the bride and groom with!

Take a look at our Sunflower cracker area for all the supplies needed to make the designs above. Or explore our adult's Wedding crafts area for things to make for an upcoming big day!