Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Summer Themed Craft Ideas for Kids

We sell a great range of summer and seaside themed crafts for kids in our shop, which cover the traditional sunshine and beach craft themes.

Please CLICK HERE to view our range.

However, you may be looking for some other ideas, If so, we have made a few suggestions below for you.

Summer Pirate Crafts

Pirate crafts for kids work well during the summer season and link well to seaside themes.

At littlecraftybugs, we take this one stage further by offering an exclusive pink pirate craft kits for girls in addition to our traditional kids pirate craft kits.

The pink pirates are great for groups of girls but can also be added to our traditional pirate craft kits to make a pirate themed craft session for mixed groups of boys and girls.

Summer Sea Life and Under the Sea Crafts

Sea life themed crafts for kids are always popular during the summer season, which is reflected by the bumper range of under the sea craft supplies and kits that we sell.

Our sea life themed crafty bug kits are great for kids groups, including both fish and dolphin themed crafts.

Summer Garden Crafts

Flower themed crafts are generally more suited to girls but you could use sunflower crafts for boys too.

Our kids flowers and garden crafts, include garden bug crafts but you could add more ugly bugs to make a garden themed craft activity more suitable for boys.

Summer Butterfly & Caterpillar Crafts

Butterfly and caterpillar crafts are perfect for children's summer themed craft sessions.

We sell a great range of these, ideal for kids group craft sessions of all sizes, ages and abilities.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Bespoke Craft Kits for Kids Groups

We are pleased to offer a bespoke craft service to our customers.

We are experienced in supplying bespoke craft selections and kits for kids to make at large group events, for promotional activities and also for fund raising.

Any theme (almost!), any audience and any budget.....

The crafts can be individually packed or packed for a group. These can be supplied in our own gift packaging, economy packed or presented in your corporate branded packs.

If you're planning a children’s craft activity table, we will be able to bespoke a collection for you, which will ensure that you have all of the materials needed.

Great fun for adults as well. Who wouldn't have some fun making a pom pom crafty bug - no matter what age they are?

Terrific for team building and other corporate events too.

Can We Help?

To enable us to provide a quotation meeting your requirements, please contact us with the following information:

1. An indication of the type of event you are arranging
2. The number of crafters you wish to cater for
3. If the audience is children, please include the age range
4. An indication of what you are looking to offer, if known - specifically any theme you are following
5. An outline of the event
6. Details of your budget
Alternatvely, please just email us with your contact details and we'll give you a call.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Dimensions Stickers

Have you ever used Dimensions stickers?

If not, you won't know how flexible they are and what a great addition they can be to adult craft projects and for older kids too...

The stickers are not fully adhesive on the back, so that part of each shape is loose. If you use a butterfly as an example, the body will have adhesive on the back and the wings will not be adhesive. When the shape is stuck to the craft project, the wings can be gently turned upwards and they will appear to fly.

The designs also include flowers, hearts, dragonflies and many more, not forgetting Christmas themed.

We have also added a new crown version of these, as shown below, which will be a great addition to box decorating crafts and card making for little princesses!

Dimensions stickers aren't only for your card making and scrapbooking projects. Kids can use them to embellish tiaras, boxes and much more. They really are something different to standard craft stickers.

Why not give them a go? Prices are from only 99p per sheet.