Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Summer Themed Craft Ideas for Kids

We sell a great range of summer and seaside themed crafts for kids in our shop, which cover the traditional sunshine and beach craft themes.

Please CLICK HERE to view our range.

However, you may be looking for some other ideas, If so, we have made a few suggestions below for you.

Summer Pirate Crafts

Pirate crafts for kids work well during the summer season and link well to seaside themes.

At littlecraftybugs, we take this one stage further by offering an exclusive pink pirate craft kits for girls in addition to our traditional kids pirate craft kits.

The pink pirates are great for groups of girls but can also be added to our traditional pirate craft kits to make a pirate themed craft session for mixed groups of boys and girls.

Summer Sea Life and Under the Sea Crafts

Sea life themed crafts for kids are always popular during the summer season, which is reflected by the bumper range of under the sea craft supplies and kits that we sell.

Our sea life themed crafty bug kits are great for kids groups, including both fish and dolphin themed crafts.

Summer Garden Crafts

Flower themed crafts are generally more suited to girls but you could use sunflower crafts for boys too.

Our kids flowers and garden crafts, include garden bug crafts but you could add more ugly bugs to make a garden themed craft activity more suitable for boys.

Summer Butterfly & Caterpillar Crafts

Butterfly and caterpillar crafts are perfect for children's summer themed craft sessions.

We sell a great range of these, ideal for kids group craft sessions of all sizes, ages and abilities.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Bespoke Craft Kits for Kids Groups

We are pleased to offer a bespoke craft service to our customers.

We are experienced in supplying bespoke craft selections and kits for kids to make at large group events, for promotional activities and also for fund raising.

Any theme (almost!), any audience and any budget.....

The crafts can be individually packed or packed for a group. These can be supplied in our own gift packaging, economy packed or presented in your corporate branded packs.

If you're planning a children’s craft activity table, we will be able to bespoke a collection for you, which will ensure that you have all of the materials needed.

Great fun for adults as well. Who wouldn't have some fun making a pom pom crafty bug - no matter what age they are?

Terrific for team building and other corporate events too.

Can We Help?

To enable us to provide a quotation meeting your requirements, please contact us with the following information:

1. An indication of the type of event you are arranging
2. The number of crafters you wish to cater for
3. If the audience is children, please include the age range
4. An indication of what you are looking to offer, if known - specifically any theme you are following
5. An outline of the event
6. Details of your budget
Alternatvely, please just email us with your contact details and we'll give you a call.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Dimensions Stickers

Have you ever used Dimensions stickers?

If not, you won't know how flexible they are and what a great addition they can be to adult craft projects and for older kids too...

The stickers are not fully adhesive on the back, so that part of each shape is loose. If you use a butterfly as an example, the body will have adhesive on the back and the wings will not be adhesive. When the shape is stuck to the craft project, the wings can be gently turned upwards and they will appear to fly.

The designs also include flowers, hearts, dragonflies and many more, not forgetting Christmas themed.

We have also added a new crown version of these, as shown below, which will be a great addition to box decorating crafts and card making for little princesses!

Dimensions stickers aren't only for your card making and scrapbooking projects. Kids can use them to embellish tiaras, boxes and much more. They really are something different to standard craft stickers.

Why not give them a go? Prices are from only 99p per sheet.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Tennis Crafts for Kids

It's been a record breaking year already at Wimbledon and the sun's out too - what a bonus!

Now's a perfect opportunity to add a tennis spin to one of your children's craft sessions.

Our tennis crafty bugs are ideal for both kids home and group craft sessions, packed in sets from one to 100 bugs.

We also have lots of other sporty themed crafty bugs for kids in our shop, plus our sunshine crafty bugs too.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Good Work in Ghana

This week, we thought we would share with you some crafty charitable news.

Crafty Capers were approached before Christmas by Andrea Ku, who was going to Ghana for a month over Christmas to help in a children's orphanage. She wanted to take some crafty items with her for the kids to make.

We were delighted to supply crown making supplies (even if they were worn upside down!) and gingerbread men bookmark kits for the kids to make and we understand from Andrea that these were a huge success and very popular with the kids.

The orphanage is in Bawjiase, the Central Region of Ghana. It was founded by a local Pastor and his wife who live there with the children. There are, on average, 35 children at the orphanage.

They are there for various reasons, such as their families are unable to support them, parents are very ill or have passed away or the children themselves were found in villages when they were very young.

The orphanage has no running water and the children sleep in 2 very crowded rooms which is not good if one of them is ill. Currently, the lease is about to expire on the land the orphanage is based so money is being raised to continue with a new building. This is almost half way through construction and is looking good so far!

Giving up her home comforts for Christmas and sponsoring herself to get there once wasn't enough for Andrea. She is just about to return to the same orphanage for another period to help again. This time though, Andrea is chaperoning four girls from a school in Liverpool who also want to help in the orphanage. They will be teaching the kids English and mathematics as well as creating and making things on a World Cup theme - there's no getting away from it!

How could we refuse a request to help again?

This time the kids will all be making a World Cup five a side football team in our crafty bugs, all in the colours of the Ghana team strip. Andrea's hoping to source (i.e. have donated!) some portable radios, so that the kids can listen to some of the matches, hoping that Ghana will still be in the tournament then. If you know anyone that could help with this before she leaves at the beginning of July, please email her at andreaku@hotmail.com

Obviously, they can't just have one team, so they will each also be making a five a side football team in the England colours as well!

In addition to the craft goods that we are donating, Andrea would also be delighted to receive any additional craft kits and supplies as they are going to endeavour to set up a craft station in the orphanage for future use. If you would like to help you can either contact us at info@craftycapers.co.uk or Andrea at the email address above.

We hope that you will agree that this is a really worthwhile venture and a really direct way to make a difference to the quality of these kids lives.

· Orphanage website: http://www.ghanaorphanage.org/
· Contact: Andrea Ku andreaku@hotmail.com
· Blog: www.offexploring.com/andreaku (it has the details of Andrea's trip from last year)

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Pipe Cleaners for Kids Crafts

At littlecraftybugs we sell a huge range of pipe cleaners for crafts in single colour and mixed colour packs.

Available in pack sizes of all sizes, including bulk packs, you are sure to find what you are looking for.

Mixed Colour Pipe Cleaner Packs

Single Colour Pipe Cleaner Packs

Bulk Pipe Cleaners

Tinsel Pipe Cleaners

Extra Long Pipe Cleaners

What can I make with pipe cleaners?

No matter whether you call them pipecleaners, tinsel stems or chenille sticks, they are the same thing really and can be used in so many different ways in the world of kids crafts.

We have given a few ideas below on how you can use pipecleaners for children's crafts - imagination and creativity are probably the only limits in pipecleaner crafting!

Wobbly Pencils

Give a child some pencils, pipecleaners, pom poms and wobbly eyes together with some craft foam or card and they can have a bumper crafting session.

To start these crafts, we would suggest that you wind a small amount of double sided tape in a spiral at the top of the pencil and then, after peeling off the tape backing, you then wind the pipecleaner over the tape.

Keep the pipecleaner spiral tight and leave a section overhanging the ends if it can be used in the decoration, as in the examples above. The decoration will then wobble on top of the pencil when being used.

See below for the best glue.

Alien Monsters

Giving kids a pile of craft supplies and expecting them to create something can have varying degrees of success.

Why not choose some supplies that you know will work together to make a model on a theme. In this example we have made an alien monster using a selection of neon pipe cleaners and pom poms, which you could add wobbly eyes and craft foam to.

This makes a great craft party idea and is also perfect as a team building activity.

As with all pipecleaner activities, you need to choose the right glue - see below. This will particularly apply where you want to attach pipecleaners to other things. A top tip here is to rest it on a flat surface whilst a tacky PVA gets a firm grip.

Pipecleaners for Christmas, EasterHalloween

Every kids craft season comes with it's own colour themes, which is reflected in our range of pipecleaners for Easter, Christmas and Halloween.

The traditional colours of yellow and white for Easter, red, green and white for Christmas and black, orange and purple for Halloween do not need to be the only colours you use in these seasons.

The Christmas reindeer bug above is made using brown pipecleaners but you could also use gold. Similarly, green pipecleaners are great for Easter or Spring themed crafts, making excellent flower stalks.

Hairy & Loopy Pipecleaners!

Loop pipecleaners, where the chenille is looped on the wired centre, rather than cut at the ends, come in a great selection of colours and can be used for hair on puppets, pom poms, monsters and much more.

If you're making people or animals, choose the natural coloured ones, otherwise choose bright or tinsel for monsters etc.

Peg Dolls

When making peg dolls, you will obviously need the wooden pegs and possibly stands. We also use tulle nets, cutting a hole in the centre to thread the peg through) and ribbons.

In addition, you will need natural coloured pipecleaners for the arms. The chenille stems can be used to help secure the dress in place under the ribbon if you wrap it tightly.

Take a look at all of our peg doll kits and supplies at the littlecraftybugs company.

Something More Complex

As with all kids crafts, you can make pipecleaner craft ideas as simple or as complex as you like.

Taking a simple idea like wrapping pencils with pipecleaners and adding foam, eyes and pom poms can result in some very basic finished crafts or can be more detailed, as the giraffe topped pencil above.

What glue should I use with pipecleaners?

The difficulty with sticking pipecleaners to other pipecleaners or anything else is that sometimes they have a mind of their own.

Pipecleaners themselves can be joined by twistng them together. However, kids normally want to add other bits and pieces as well.

To best stick chenille and tinsel stems we would always recommend a high tack or fast tack glue.

Our popular tacky glue is perfect for this job as it is immediately more tacky than normal PVA and will have a good strong bond within 10/15 minutes.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Rocker Crafts for Kids & Adults Too

We have some new rocker crafts to our shop this week, these all rock to and fro when assembled in the style of a rocking horse.

These are in two styles, the first are designed for adults and older kids to make.

Younger kids could make these but would need supervision.

All of the parts in these are die-cut, so no scissors are required.

We have also added some crafty rocker bugs to our shop, packed for children's group craft sessions.

These are based on our very popular and exclusive crafty bugs.

These can be used as name cards, crafts to make and give or just as part of a children's themed craft session or party.

Please view our range of rocker craft kits.

Monday, 24 May 2010

Decorating Flower Pots for Kids

The Basics

It may surprise you to know that the foam stickers we sell will withstand the elements, including rain and snow - all the usual Summer weather we enjoy in the UK! Although the stickers may fade over a few seasons, they do not lose their adhesion and they really do fare very well.

If you are making these with larger groups our buckets and tubs of craft stickers will offer the most economical option. However, if you are making these at home or in smaller groups, then our packets will be more suitable.

They are great for kids to take home and plant up or to give to Mum or Nan as a gift.....

If you use pots without holes in the base, they make lovely containers for indoor plants as well, or perhaps even as a pencil pot.

Don't Forget the Boys!

Pot decorating isn't just for girls......

As you will see from the example above, the pots can also be embellished with boys themed stickers - great for getting boys involved in crafting and gardening at the same time...

For more detail, why not also use some foam sticker sheets? The crafters can cut these up to add further embellishments, such as the grass on the football pot above.

They are also great for a completely freestyle design for more creative and capable crafters.

Foam Letters
Pots can be personalised with foam letter stickers, which are also available in our shop in both tubs and packets. Make sure you get enough so that everyone can spell their names though....

Just in case you do have a shortfall of letters, you could have a back-up of sticky foam sheets.

Links to buy from www.littlecraftybugs.co.uk:
Foam glue-on shapes
Bulk foam glue-on shapes
Foam stickers
Bulk foam stickers
Foam sheets

Thursday, 13 May 2010

New Kids Craft Kits & Supplies

Wild Animal Crafty Bug Kits

Our unique crafty bug kits are extremely popular and our range is continually growing.

We have added three new crafty bugs kits on a wild animal theme this week, which are a lion, tiger and zebra.

All of these bugs available in pack sizes ranging from one kit to 100 kits, for home and group craft sessions.


Packs of 25 White Card Shapes - Great Selection

We have introduced some great new white card shape packs to our shop this week.

These packs have 25 shapes in each and come in a range of mixed and single design packs.

Great for decorating with pens and craft supplies from your craft box.



PVC Printed Aprons, Tabards & Matching Bags

These aprons and tabards will be great for craft, painting and kitchen use.

The range is supported by some lovely matching kit and tote bags, which would make a great gift filled with some goodies.

Split Pins - Back in Stock

Apologies to our regular split-pin shoppers that we had sold out of these. However, they are now back in stock and are available in standard packs and a bulk tub.

Perfect for puppet based craft projects, as well as game spinners and much more.


Father's Day Crafts

Our Father's Day range has increased this week with these "Dad" shaped cards.

Packed in sets of 24, they are perfect for group craft sessions.


Super 6mm Thick Foam Sheets

Normal craft foam is 2mm thick but some craft projects demand a thicker foam. Following many requests, we have now included a range of 6mm foam sheets in the most popular craft foam colours.


Thursday, 29 April 2010

Children's Craft Collections £19.99 or Less - Saving up to £22.96

Have you seen our great range of children's starter craft collections, all at £19.99 or less?

The savings on these boxes is up to £22.96 - great value for new crafters and those looking to add to their kids craft supplies.

These sets do not include any expensive throw away packaging so you are paying for kids craft supplies only.

Please visit our shop to view these.

Friday, 23 April 2010

Craft Pom Poms & Pipe Cleaners

Did you know that we sell a massive range of craft pom poms and pipecleaners?

Acrylic pom poms and chenille pipecleaners have so many uses in the world of children's crafts and for adult craft projects too.

Our shop sorts these by colour, style, size and season for you, to make browsing and choosing easier.

As always, if you don't see what you are looking for, please let us know.

Which Glue?

We recommend using a tacky glue for pom poms and pipecleaners.

Normal PVA doesn't really dry fast enough when sticking these acrylic items together but a tacky version of this is perfect for the job. It will be very tacky from the outset and will have a very firm bond within 10/15 minutes.

This is the glue we recommend for our huge range of exclusive crafty bug making kits, as well as more general craft activities for both adults and kids.

It's our best seller, which must speak for itself!

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Butterfly Themed Crafts for Adults & Kids

Back in Stock - Butterfly Flower Pot Wobblers

Apologies to our regular buyers of these wobbly butterflies, as these have been out of stock.

The butterflies have now fluttered back into stock and are now available in craft packs for 30 or 100 kids.

Please CLICK HERE to view these.

Butterfly Themed Crafts - Huge Range

We probably have the largest range of kids themed crafts available anywhere.

One of our most popular ranges over the Spring and Summer seasons is always butterflies, as a result you will find a huge range of these in our themed craft shop, most of these are exclusive to us.

Please CLICK HERE to view our butterfly themed range.

Butterfly Themed Crafts for Adults

Of course, butterfly themed crafts aren't just for kids!

Please CLICK HERE to view these.

Friday, 9 April 2010

St Georges Day Crafts - It's All Red & White!

St. George's Day - 23 April 2010

Whilst we're all still surrounded by Easter bunnies and remembering the relevance of Easter, St Georges Day is just around the corner.

St. George, who is the patron saint of England, had as his emblem the red cross on a white background. It is this emblem that was adopted by Richard the Lion Heart, which was brought to England in the 12th century. The king's soldiers then wore it on their tunics in battle to avoid confusion.

The St George's cross is now the English flag and also forms part of the Union flag.

Now we use the St George's emblem, which signifies St George's Day, as the basis of the majority of children's craft activities and adult patriotic English craft projects.

St George is also the patron saint of other countries, as well as being the patron saint of many groups including scouts and soldiers.

St George's Day is a time when the attention of many kids groups in England turn their attention to themed crafts.

We offer a great range of kits, many unique to us. To view these, please CLICK HERE.

The Patron Saints Calendar

Wales - St. David's Day ~ 1 March
Northern Ireland - St. Patrick's Day ~ 17 March
England - St George's Day ~ 23 April
Scotland - St Andrew's Day ~ 30 November

Thursday, 25 March 2010

New Kids Craft & Cooking Ideas

Mini Notebook Kits

These notebook kits are designed for ten children to make, perfect for group and party craft sessions.

Please CLICK HERE to view our range

Additional Kids Cooking Items

Our range of kids cookware and associated items is very popular.

We have been asked to add the range of mixing bowls below to our range, which we have, along with lots of other new items.

These have only previously been available as part of a set.

Please CLICK HERE to view our range
Single Colour Feather Quills

We are frequently asked for packs of single coloured quill feathers for kids and adults crafts.
We've listened and now stock them within our feather range.

Please CLICK HERE to view our range.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Money Saving Kids Starter Collections

This week we have introduced several new money saving starter craft collections for kids, perfect for a rainy afternoon (you know it will happen!) during the school Easter holidays.

These are not the few overpriced scraps you get in many collections, with expensive throwaway packaging... These are great value collections for kids to start or extend their crafting experience.

PLEASE CLICK HERE to view our range

Friday, 12 March 2010

St Georges Day Crafts for Kids

St George's Day is on 23 April 2010 and is fast approaching.

At littlecraftybugs we offer an extensive range of St. George's Day themed crafts for children.

PLEASE CLICK HERE to view our range

Friday, 5 March 2010

Mother's Day Crafts for Kids and Adults Too!

Mother's Day Crafts

Mother's Day is on Sunday 14th March and is almost upon us. There is very little time left to order your craft kits and supplies.

Please don't forget that we offer an extensive range of Mother's Day themed crafts for kids and adults too.....

PLEASE CLICK HERE to view our Mother's Day range

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Kids Easter Crafts & Egg Hunt Supplies

At littlecraftybugs, we already offer an extensive range of Easter themed craft projects and craft supplies.

However, we continue to add new Easter items to our craft shops, including some great new doorhanger kits and plastic eggs for egg hunts.

PLEASE CLICK HERE to view our Easter range

Easter parties and egg hunts - PLEASE CLICK HERE

Friday, 12 February 2010

10,000th Product from Crafty Capers

Our 10,000th Product - Added this Week

We have listed our 10,000th product this week - that's 10,000 products for kids crafts, adults crafts and themed craft parties.

These fantastic giant colour and craft mobile kits will be a huge hit with kids groups.

Be warned - they are truly giant!

Please CLICK HERE to view this item.

All of our products will be found in one of our four shops, which all share one shopping basket and checkout process.

This Weeks Special Offer - SAVE 50%

20 Fun & Funky Easter Rubber Stamps

These stamps are a really modern and fun twist on Easter paper crafting and stamping.

The RRP of this set of twenty stamps is £49.80 - SAVE a massive 50%.

Please CLICK HERE to view.

Also New This Week

These tie making kits will be great for clown, school and Father's Day themed craft sessions.

Great to colour and add crafty bits to, perhaps poms, foamies and sequins?

Please CLICK HERE to view this item.