Monday, 24 May 2010

Decorating Flower Pots for Kids

The Basics

It may surprise you to know that the foam stickers we sell will withstand the elements, including rain and snow - all the usual Summer weather we enjoy in the UK! Although the stickers may fade over a few seasons, they do not lose their adhesion and they really do fare very well.

They are great for kids to take home and plant up or to give to Mum or Nan as a gift.....

If you use pots without holes in the base, they make lovely containers for indoor plants as well, or perhaps even as a pencil pot.

Don't Forget the Boys!

Pot decorating isn't just for girls......

As you will see from the example above, the pots can also be embellished with boys themed stickers - great for getting boys involved in crafting and gardening at the same time...

For more detail, why not also use some foam sticker sheets? The crafters can cut these up to add further embellishments, such as the grass on the football pot above.

They are also great for a completely freestyle design for more creative and capable crafters.

Foam Letters
Pots can be personalised with foam letter stickers, which are also available in our shop in both tubs and packets. Make sure you get enough so that everyone can spell their names though....

Just in case you do have a shortfall of letters, you could have a back-up of sticky foam sheets.

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