Friday, 13 November 2015

The Story of the Christmas Cracker - A Brief History

Invented by Thomas Smith in the mid-1800s, the Christmas cracker has become an integral part of British tradition and celebration which still continues today.

London confectioner Tom Smith fell in love with Parisian bon-bons, sold in their small twist of paper, and decided to bring the idea back to London. Tom soon realised that his bon-bons were selling mostly at Christmas and his idea began to develop. First he added a small love poem inside the paper twist and then, inspired by the comforting crackle of his fireplace, he introduced that “snap” we all know and love today.

After the trade jumped at Tom’s novelty, he began refining his product further, removing the sweets and adding a surprise gift in it’s place. (Although, probably not a mini screwdriver!)

When an Eastern manufacturer heard of Tom’s design and delivered a large consignment to Britain just in time for Christmas, Tom took his chance. As this company offered just one design, Tom and his staff worked tirelessly to produce a further 8 designs and distributed them throughout the country.

The rest, as they say, is history...

Fast forward to 2015 and you'll find our exclusively designed make-your-own cracker kits! We hope that Tom would be proud to know that we're carrying on the tradition, adding our own special crafty twist.