Saturday, 28 February 2009

Mask Making Made Simple

Mask Making - It's Simple!

Probably one of the simplest craft activities for kids is mask decorating.

These are popular because the activity can suit all ages and abilities. They can also be adapted to suit many themed craft sessions and parties.

Crafting on a Budget

If you are working to a tight budget, mask decorating can be extremely cost effective.

Aside from the cost of the masks, you only need to add felt tip pens.....

No scissors, no glue - no anything else - just pens!

Our range of mask blanks can be found by CLICKING HERE.

In our example above, we have used our white plastic masks and decorated it with pens and just an embellishment of glitter glue.

Feathers & Sequins - A Real Must Have!

Probably the most popular mask embellishment is feathers, closely followed by sequins or foil confetti.

However, with both of these you will need to use a fast tack glue - see below - otherwise the feathers and sequins are likely to pop off the background when bent around the crafters face.

A terrific range of sequins and feathers can be found in our shop.

Other Popular Embellishments

In addition to sequins and feathers, other craft materials that are ideal for mask decorating are:

Felt tip pens
Chenille stems or Pipe cleaners
Glitter glue
Foam shapes and foam stickers
Small pom poms

Glue & Sticky Stuff

A top tip for mask making is make sure you have the right sticky stuff.

Have you seen the "PVA slide", this is the phrase we have coined to describe what happens when a child makes a craft item on a flat surface and then lifts it up - PVA glue often results in the attached components sliding down the now vertical surface! Picture beads with blob of glue sliding down a mask landing a child's chin or clothes and you'll get the picture!

With many craft materials you may find that double sided tape is a good alternative.

However, we always recommend fast tack or high tack glue, especially with heavier craft components and also on plastic masks.

Please CLICK HERE to see our range of high tack and fast tack glues.

Mask Making Kits

At littlecraftybugs, we sell a great range of mask making kits, for home, party and group craft sessions.

With these kits we've done the thinking for you and you can now just rely on the crafters creativity and imagination.........

Please CLICK HERE to view our range of mask making kits.

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