Saturday, 3 October 2009

Non-Halloween Crafts for Kids

Non-Halloween Crafts for Halloween

As a business we are sensitive to the fact that Halloween is met with mixed views by schools, churches, other groups and parents.

We are often asked for a suggestion for crafts that can be completed in the build up to Halloween, which would feel "Halloweenish" for the children who chose to look at them this way - also appear non-Halloween where this is more appropriate.

We always recommend pirate themed crafts for this. Why?

1. The skull and crossbones within pirate crafts are also used within Halloween crafts, so it can give the Halloween feel to crafts, without being overtly Halloween.
2. This theme is probably the most popular in the world of kids crafts - why fix it, if it isn't broken?!
3. There is an extensive range available of pirate craft kits and craft supplies, suitable for all ages, abilities and for both home and group craft sessions. Please CLICK HERE to view our range of pirate craft supplies.
4. They are great for both boys and girls. Have you seen our pink pirate range? If not, please CLICK HERE to visit our pink pirate craft category.

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Pink Pirate Crafts
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Children's Harry Potter Crafts for Halloween

Every new Harry Potter film and book brings with it the opportunity for a children's themed craft session.

This year, following the release of the new Harry Potter film, there is a great opportunity to make Halloween crafts with a twist.

At littlecraftybugs, we offer a great range of Harry Potter themed craft kits for kids, including our very popular Hedwig White Owl Crafty Bug and our Wizard Crafty Bug.

Our crafty bugs are offered in packs of 100, 30, 6 and individually - making them ideal for home, group and party craft sessions.

Please CLICK HERE to view our range of Harry Potter themed craft kits.

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