Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Sunshine Rocker Crafty Bugs - Children's Summer Craft Kit

Sunshine Rocker Bugs - New & Exclusive Kids Summer Craft Kit
This children's craft kit will make sunshine crafty rocker bugs, which are perfect for a kids summer or sunshine themed craft session.
These bugs will rock when assembled, in the style of a rocking horse.
They are great as a general craft, to make as gifts and also to make as name/place cards for craft parties and other gatherings.
Available as packs of six, thirty or 100 for kids craft groups of all sizes.
You could embellish them with fel tip pens (gel pens on darker backgrounds), sequins, glitter glue, stickers and almost anything else from your craft box.
Brought to you by littlecraftybugs, the home of kids crafts.

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