Friday, 10 January 2014

Arts and Crafts for January - Crafts for Kids and Adults

January normally seems like a boring month. The festive season is over and the weather is cold. Break through the gloom with a colourful craft from the littlecraftybugs company!

There's plenty to look forward to this year! So lets start as we mean to go on and make January exciting with some...

Chinese New Year Crafts

The 31st January 2014 is Chinese New Year, celebrate with a handmade Chinese lantern or Chinese dragon mask. There's a craft for every budget, group size and theme.

It's the Chinese year of the horse, so why not try a horse themed craft instead?

February 14th, as you all know, is Valentine's Day. Create a beautiful handmade gift for the special someone in your life. 

We love these heart shaped paper chains, perfect as a decoration or as a simple kids craft.

We have a whole host of Valentines themed craft supplies and craft kits. Even better, you can now shop our Valentine's range by popular colour, theme and craft; meaning that you can always find what you want. If you can't? Then don't hesitate to send us an email.

Make Mum a Queen for the day with our great range of crown themed Mum crafts. You don't have to wear a crown though! You could make a paper mache crown shaped money box or a crown shaped badge...

Like our Valentine's shop, you can shop by popular colour, theme and craft, allowing easy shopping. There's a whole host of Mother's Day crafts and supplies waiting to be explored so come and get some 
inspiration today...

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