Friday, 14 March 2014

Eyebombing With Googly Eyes

Eyebombing. We agree the name may be a bit odd but this new art has got us all smiling at the littlecraftybugs company!

The idea of eyebombing is to stick googly eyes onto inanimate objects in public spaces, so they almost seem human. Eyebombing originated in Copenhagen, set up with the goal 'to humanize the streets, and bring sunshine to people passing by.'
Now eyebombing has worked it's way into America and is now looking to take over the UK too! On this page there are just a few examples that we've taken today to share with you.  You can see lots more at the official eyebombing site.
We have lots more information on this and pictures too on our eyebombing page - why not take a look today?
Why not join in the fun, click here to see how you can claim your googly eyes.
Once you've got your wobbly eyes, or if you've already got some, get snapping! Send your pictures to us via email with your name and any caption you'd like to add to your photo. We'll judge all of the entries at the end of each week.
This weeks winner will receive a pair of our GIANT glow-in-the-dark googly eyes!  Rules to enter are below.
THE RULES - these are the rules of the official eyebombing site.
1. Only images of inanimate objects with wiggle eyes - NOT stickers.
2. Only images taken in the public space.
3. No eyes on eyes. So no actual faces or pictures of faces!
We recommend using removable glue dots to stick the eyes, as they are easy to peel off. Self-adhesive eyes can tend to be strong so might be harder to get off!  Please remember to take the eyes off after your photo, we don't want you to get into trouble...  Perhaps leave them if you have permission, as the idea is really to make people smile and no-one can smile at the eyes once they are back in your pocket!
Entries for this weeks competition must be received by noon on Friday 21st March. Winner will be announced via social media once the winner has been notified.

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