Sunday, 9 March 2014

What size plastic egg do I need for my chocolate eggs?

Our plastic eggs are supplied in three sizes:

Mini plastic eggs - the pink one pictured. These are approximately 42mm tall and and 30mm wide.  They will hold a Cadburys foil wrapped mini egg, such as the Dairy Milk egg shown with a little gap around them.

Standard plastic eggs - the blue one shown.  If you are looking for eggs the size of the ones in your fridge, then this is what you will need, unless you keep ostrich eggs in your fridge of course!  58mm tall and 40mm wide, these will hold a Cadbury's Creme Egg or similar with some wiggle room....

Large plastic eggs - the green egg in the picture.  75mm tall and 45mm wide, these will hold a full size Kinder Surprise Egg very snugly.

So, if you are having an egg hunt or making an filled egg gift basket, why not choose a selection of sizes and then buy your eggs to fit.

You can but plastic eggs online from our massive selection at

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